Hidden Gutters

Hidden Gutters & Built-In Gutters

Hidden Gutters Should Never Be Neglected

Hidden Gutters are becoming more and more popular as newer buildings are opting to have the Gutters Hidden or built-in. More aesthetically pleasing than traditional Gutters, they blend into the structure and become virtually invisible.  Since they are built-in, they fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as most homeowners who have hidden gutters admit to not thinking about them as much as they should.
When Hidden Gutters have issues, they can quickly escalate without proper maintenance.

Hidden Gutter Systems with minor leaks, overflowing Gutters, or blocked drains can pose real damage that can cause rot, weakening of the fascia board, and possible foundation or structural damage. Here at R&R Gutters, we specialize in Hidden Gutter Systems or Built-in Gutter Systems. If you are unsure if your Hidden Gutter System is clogged or damaged, just give us a call and we will check out your Gutters and give you a Free No-Obligation Quote, so you know exactly what you are up against.

Hidden Gutters R&R Gutters
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Hidden Gutters & Built-In Gutters Membrane Repairs

R&R Gutters Specializes In Hidden Gutter Repairs

When repairing Hidden Gutter Systems / Built-in Gutters, you should always have them inspected by a trained professional who has experience in dealing with Hidden Gutter Systems.  Here at R&R Gutters, we have the training and experience to know what to look for and how to find the issues.

  • Remove the flashing
  • Open up the seam and remove the drain
  • Use a proper cleaner to remove algae and old sealant, down to the bare rubber in the gutters.
  • Inspect the gutters, fascia, and sub-fascia for damage, replacing as necessary
  • Re-slope gutters, if required, for proper drainage away from the home
  • Put a new seal along the inside of the seam and the drain outlet, replacing the drain outlet if the existing outlet is too small
  • Apply bonding adhesive to fully seal the seam

To be sure and for your peace of mind, give us a call and we will check out your Hidden or Built-in Gutters and give you a Free No-Obligation Quote before any works commence and you always know exactly what you are paying.