Fascia Board & Flashing Repair

Fascia Board Repairs  & Flashing Repairs

We Can Repair Your Fascia Boards & Flashing

Hidden Gutters & Aluminum Gutters

Replace rotten facia board, which is the foundation and visual front of your hidden gutter system and the backbone of your Aluminum Gutter System. Your Gutter system will not be functioning properly left un-treated and potentially cause leaking and flooding into your home. We remove and replace the damaged Fascia Boards and assess any structural damage that may have occurred. 

Flashing deflects water away from the Fascia Board which is an important role in protecting your Fascia Board. When flashing is installed incorrectly, or it is damaged,  water has the potential to leak through the fascia board causing rot, even if your gutter system is running efficiently. 

Fascia Board & Flashing Repair R&R Gutters

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